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AI powered plaque scans using your smartphone. Results in minutes.

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Testmyteeth Mobile Application to improve your dental health at home, an image of a phone using Testmyteeth dental app with a button on the screen to complete a plaque scan

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Testmyteeth Dental App highlights plaque you have missed when brushing your teeth

Overall Plaque

AI powered insights track new and old plaque missed when brushing your teeth.

Surface Based Plaque

Track plaque scores for the inner, outer and biting surfaces of your teeth.

Testmyteeth Dental App provides eduational videos and articles to improve your dental health

Guided Education

Easy to follow, entertaining guides bridge the gap between patients and dentists.

Your digital assistant between dental appointments

Testmyteeth for Patients

Take charge of your own oral health

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Preventable Dental Diseases

Dental diseases are largely preventable and are mainly caused by plaque that accumulates on and around your teeth over time.

Maximise the effectiveness of your brushing

Although most of us brush our teeth twice a day, we are often left with little insight for how well we have brushed or what we could do to improve our oral hygiene at home. Testmyteeth highlights areas where you have missed when brushing, helping you keep those pearly whites shiny.

Dental Insights At Your Fingertips

Why wait until your next dental appointment, to improve your dental health. Our app provides AI powered tools and educational guides helping you manage your oral health wherever you are.

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Testmyteeth for Dental Professionals

Empower your patients

Improve patient satisfaction and oral hygiene awareness. Recommend us to patients to give them the tools to improve their oral hygiene between appointments!

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